Erectile Dysfunction Treatment In Delhi NCR India

What is erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction also called impotence is a condition when men are not able to keep the penis erect enough for sexual intercourse. It is also referred to as ED. Due to the lifestyle and dietary habits the number of cases with erectile dysfunction is on rise.

Factors responsible for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a result of defects in blood vessels. Thus the common factors for erectile dysfunction includes diabetes, age over 50 years (also found in men above 40 years), heart diseases, smoking, high level of cholesterol and all the diseases that might affect the blood vessels in penis.

  • Due to the defect of blood vessels there is insufficient blood flow to the penis and this may cause the damage of the tissues responsible for penis erection.
  • Because of low levels of sexual hormones called testosterone, erectile dysfunction occurs.
  • Chronic alcohol consumption, smoking and use of other drugs for a long time affects the blood vessels of the penis.
  • Surgery or radiation therapy on the genital region might cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Psychological problems such as stress, depression, relation with the partner etc affect erectile dysfunction.

How to know if you have erection problem

While having sexual intercourse with your partner if your penis is not firm enough or has erection for a short time or there is no erection at all then these are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

There is loss of sexual desire and it may cause premature ejaculation.

How erectile dysfunction is diagnosed

Along with physical examination of the testes and penis for any nerve sensation the health care professional diagnoses the issue with the following tests -

  • Blood test to rule out any underlying disease or hormone level.
  • Urine test is done to diagnose diabetes and other possible causes.
  • Ultrasound is done to determine the blood flow in the penis.

Is erectile dysfunction curable? How?

Yes, erectile dysfunction is definitely a treatable disease. Depending upon the severity of the issue there are many treatment options.

  • Oral medicines are there for curing erectile dysfunction. These also include vitamin capsules and herbal supplements.
  • Improving the lifestyle: Stop smoking as it is strongly linked with erectile dysfunction.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Stress management, as high stress is linked with sexual life. Psychological counseling helps the client to overcome it.
  • Injectable medicines
  • Hormonal therapy is done if the level of testosterone is low.


Erectile dysfunction causes stress in a married life. It is important to talk about the issue with your partner and seek help from the healthcare professional. The feeling of embarrassment and thinking what people will think will only delay the diagnosis and the required treatment. At times erectile dysfunction may be the cause of certain diseases. So without any delay consult the healthcare provider.

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